Calling all Lambretta ‘S’ type owners! Join the official register now!

The  S  Type Lambretta Advertised as  A Better Lambretta!  the engine was stripped and rebuilt to exacting standards, fitted lever balls, Sebring carrier, damper gaiters, spare wheel with legshield mount and cellulosed in the  S  design in any second colour. This all for  9 on top of the list price (list price: approx  215 in 1967 for an SX200). The  Extra S  was a further option for  scooterists who prefer extra power to a standard engine rather than over-boring . The  Scootering  catalogue sales list goes on to promise  modifications to the disc brake, engine mount etc,  Extra S  recommended tuning includes opening the 20mm carburettor to 21.7mm, fitting a high performance silencer and balancing the induction restriction, jetting and port opening to suit .   The tweaks to the standard  S  200 gave a true 70mph, the  Extra S  and 225  S  having better acceleration and a top speed of around 75mph. Having now mentioned the  S  225, the catalogue offered, for this model, three additional specifications on top of the overbore and the 70mm piston: A side squish cylinder head; a 24mm (Amal) carb with matching manifold and a  capacity  exhaust. All for  19.00 on the list price! If the enthusiast was still not happy they could add: A rev counter ( 12.10/-); 12 volt lights ( 9.9/-); Pathfinder lighting ( 21.00); disc brake modification (15/6d) and the double engine mount and bolt ( 2.2/-). [Digi pic: 60_Arthur Francis booklet 007a.jpg] The 150 Li did not escape either; being offered the same basic spec as the 200  S  at a cost of  10 over list price, or for  20   how about a 175  S ,  using guaranteed genuine Lambretta parts ?  Interestingly, the  SX 150  S  Type will hold a 200 on acceleration and has a top speed near that of the Slimstyle 175 . And just in case you had any doubts:  The SX 175  S  Type is naturally even better!

John and Norman Ronald have commissioned Alan Cooper to create a register of current Lambretta ‘S’ types. This information will form a unique part of the website – which specialises in the Arthur Francis ‘S’ series. To do this, Alan is asking for interested owners/readers to send him the information for inclusion in the register; a photograph is optional, but it would enhance the register.

This data will take a while to collate, but in order to proceed with it, Alan needs the following information emailed to him:



Reg number (optional – specify if to be withheld)
Frame number
Original / Restored / Replica
Location (country, county, state, etc)
Current owner name – optional (optional – specify if to be withheld)
Brief history
Recent photograph (optional)

Email to either ‘[email protected]‘ or ‘[email protected]