• Saving scooters from a rusty grave

    One man who seems to have the ‘Midas Touch’ in unearthing vintage classic machines is a Northern Ireland scooter enthusiast who has requested that we don’t reveal where he’s located, or give his full identity – so we’ll just call him Frank…

  • Vespa stainless legshield surrounds

    One problem that occurs when restoring scooters – in particular, old Vespas – is the availability (or lack of) suitable replacement spare parts for particular models…

  • Gibbo’s Vespa 50 special

    Sometimes, things are worth waiting for and Alan ‘Gibbo’ Gibbs certainly thinks so, as he waited 12 years to get his hands on the scooter featured here.

  • Seventies scooter sport

    John Addison kindly sent in these pictures from his personal collection. However, the passage of time means there are gaps in his memory as to exact dates and locations, so some are captioned whilst others are not.

  • Book review: Scooterboys the lost tribe

    Scooterboys, The Lost Tribe, effectively focuses on the scooter lifestyle history from the point I had exited it back in the 70s.

  • Craig’s Vespa PX125 Disc

    Take one ‘old skool’ graffiti artist, then add a little technical expertise from his mate into the mix, and you have the recipe to dish up a visually striking, kitted Vespa.

  • October / November issue on sale!

    A jam-packed bi-monthly magazine that transports readers back to the golden eras of the scooter lifestyle, welcome to Classic Scooterist magazine!

  • Book Review: Mod Art

    On reviewing a book with the word ‘Mod’ in the title for an audience of the scooter faithful, the task is a little fraught.

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