Do you have a picture of Kev Walsh?

Kev Walsh was best known for his role as the LCGB General Secretary who was historically the main force behind the resurrection of the club, which has now morphed into the LCGB that we know today; he was also well-known for organising a series of scooter parts fairs around the UK, the main one of which is Wicksteed Park (now under the stewardship of Julie Tudor).

By now most of you may know of his passing, but before that happened he had asked us to put to publish a request in Classic Scooterist for pictures of himself along with the people he met throughout his life. Unfortuantely, we can’t change what has already gone into the magazine, but we can try and redirect any future submissions as he is no longer around to respond to them. So if you have any pics/info you wish to share, you can, in the interim, send them to Mau at