Do you have a picture of Kev Walsh?

Kev Walsh is best known for his role as the LCGB General Secretary who was historically the main force behind the resurrection of the club, which has now morphed into the LCGB that we know today; he is also well-known for organising a series of scooter parts fairs around the UK, the main one of which is Wicksteed Park. Some of you may know that he’s been very well for about a year now with various health problems; but staying on the positive side, he’s using the time to put together a book of his memoirs – and he needs your help.

Over the years Kev has been involved in many various scooter events and activities, but because he has been organising them, or taking part, he has very few actual pictures of himself, and because of this, he needs your help. He would like you to send him any pictures you may have taken of him at any scooter-related events, albeit from the past or the present. You can send them to him at – and sooner rather than later, as he has a press deadline to meet.