I saw a picture of Paul and Pauline of the Bridlington 59ers on the front cover of Classic Scooterist and quickly turning to page 32 brought back very happy memories of my time with the 59ers and the Independents. My first foray into scootering was when I bought Pauline’s scooter, UGG 52; I still keep in touch with her (I also used to be on the committee with Paul).


I enjoyed it so much I bought a brand-new Vespa from BS Garages, on Hilderthorpe Road; it cost me £102 on the road. I went all over England and Scotland with the club, travelling many miles, attending several rallies. We used to meet at the Toch H rooms in West Street each Thursday. We had several meeting places when Paul and Pauline formed the Independents.



In 1964 I bought a new Lambretta TV200; I had to save up for this one – it was a lot more expensive (£220 with all the accessories). I wonder if either of these are still about.

Happy days!