Proposed changes to the petrol ethanol content

Quoted from the Guardian newspaper:

‘A report from the UK’s RAC Foundation has found that tens of thousands of popular cars would be unable to use a new fuel that may be introduced to cut carbon emissions.  Regular petrol already contains 5% bioethanol, which is produced from plants, but ministers are proposing to increase that to 10%.

However, 634,000 cars would be incompatible with that fuel mixture, known as E10 and proposed for introduction by 2020, according to the analysis.  Many are vintage vehicles…’


People with relatively long memories might remember what happened when the witch’s brew that is our current petrol was changed and where the lead content was removed, adding bioethanol and, quite obviously, other chemicals to offset this.  The net effect was that some two-strokes would not run on this new fuel – especially that sold by the supermarkets.

Also obviously, the scooter-riding public will have no say in this change as before.  We await the outcome with some trepidation.