Pete Hanman’s immaculate GS160

It’s been said many times, that within fictional writing there’s only a few basic stories; everything else is a reworking of these narratives.

This is definitely the case within the classic scooter world and we’ve all heard this tale many, many times over the years. You know the one; the story of ‘young man has scooter, has family, gets mortgage, sells scooter, becomes old man with grown-up family and no mortgage, sees scooter, gets scooter, relives his youth’. This formula has been told and re-told within scooter magazine pages for many years now, as more and more of us become a little closer to this age group. I’m sure there’s a film there somewhere. But let’s hope Hollywood don’t get hold of the idea as they’d probably cast Vin Diesel as the lead on a scooter that went 200mph and could fly after having a nitrous kit fitted. Instead of Fast and Furious they’d call it something like Old and Smoky, then there’d be many sequels until it became ‘too daft to laugh at,’ as my grandad would say. Another possible contender for the title though could be Mod Life Crisis! I saw this written somewhere a few years ago; it’s made me chuckle many a time since and it has always struck me as being so true.


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