Honest Men Ayr Annual Egg Run

March 23, 2019

The meeting point was The Bell Rock Bar where catch-ups, coffee and rolls ensued before the egg run ventured through the town, along the beach front, through the suburbs and onto Aberlour Options Ayrshire Out of School Club – the Honest Men’s chosen charity.

More refreshments are had at Aberlour before everyone disperses on their various home runs, whilst the locals head for the night do at The Bell. Many refreshments are partaken to the sounds of The Fix and DJ Boab Williamson – many thanks to both. A great night was by all.

Thanks to all who attended. On behalf of the Honest Men SC and Aberlour Options, we greatly appreciate your attendance and generosity which helped raise £500 for our chosen charity. See you all next year.

Gordon Swan

[See Classic Scooterist, issue 127, June/July edition (on sale May 15) for a full event report and more pictures]