Inside the lastest edition of Classic Scooterist

4 Back when we had hair
Nostalgic memories from times gone by

8 Mailbox
Readers have their say

10 Scooterama
A felicitous fanfare of facts, feedback and faces

18 Event roundup
A quick glance at recent events

22 What’s going on?
There’s lots going on at this end of the season. Here’s a quick look at what’s on the calendar

26 Scooter World 2019
Fantastic weather and an eclectic variety of scooters made this a show not to be missed

32 ‘E’ is for electric
Is there a future for classic two-stroke scooters?

34 Only 4km from new!
Possibly the lowest mileage Serveta in the UK

36 1,062 miles in 24hrs
Another great scooter feat from back in the day

38 Keeping it custom
A potted history of the Armando’s Dealer Specials

42 Tribute
Kevin Seaward’s homage to his original AF ‘S’ Type

46 Back in the day
The 1952 Earls Court Show

50 Bitten by the bug
An unexpected gift leads Barry Saunders back on to scooters again

54 A labour of love
Alan Smith’s refurbished SX150 Special

58 Zweite Serie
Markus Fröschen’s original German spec TV175 Series 2

62 Vespa front fender fix
Unavailability of NOS parts can be a problem

64 Underrated gem (pt3)
The Slimstyle Li125

66 The Angry Ant
Archie Pearce’s Moto Rumi Formichino

70 Déjà vu
Re-purchasing your first scooter after 30 years doesn’t happen very often

72 La belle petite automobile
Eric Christofferson’s Vespa 400 Wasp automobile

76 Smoothing out the bumps
How to repair a damaged shock absorber mount

80 ‘I was there in ’96’
Quadrophenia promo images re-discovered

82 Scooter clubs
Meet and greet your local club

86 Scooterist classifieds
For all your wants and needs

90 Blast from the past
The Supertune Rallye Lambretta SX200

Off to a flying start

It only seems like yesterday that I was rushing around Newark Showground preparing for the January show, and here we are now, well into March and almost a quarter of the way through 2019 already.

The year is shooting by and UK scooter events are well under way, aided and abetted by the extraordinarily good seasonal weather. Let’s hope it continues at least until the Scarborough national rally, which will only be a few weeks away by the time you read this.

Talking of reading this, if you’re an LCGB member and receive Jetset magazine, you might have clocked an event report on the Newark Show by Nudger (don’t know his real name).

Some of the individual scooter displays he briefly mentions are produced as separate, more in-depth articles inside this issue.

Of course, this issue is not all about the show, and there’s many other features to read, which cater for everyone’s individual tastes – not always easy to do with such a diverse readership base.

Remember, we’re always on the lookout for new material, especially nostalgic stuff, so if you have something to share (especially old photos), my contact details are at the top of this page.

Mau Spencer, Editor