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Classic Scooterist turns back the clock through the golden ages of the scooter lifestyle. There’s news and reviews plus reports from rallies both past and present. Painstakingly prepared readers’ rides get in-depth coverage complete with photographs and historical details where available. Restoration tips and easy-to-follow technical advice gives readers the help they need to perfect their own projects.

CSM covers the scene inspired by classic scoots too, including the nostalgic lifestyle and the passion that turned the heads of generation after generation. It’s a nostalgic look back, illustrated with an eclectic mixture of rare period pictures and modern images.

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April/May 2017 – Issue 114

Back when we had hair
Nostalgic memories from times gone by

A felicitous fanfare of facts, feedback and faces

The travelling DJ
Mark Howard – have records, will travel

“You’ve got mail”
Readers express their views, ask questions and show us their pictures

What’s going on?
A look at the scooterist calendar

Events round-up
Coverage of recent events

Scooter World 2017
Our own charity event report

Model D Racer
Martin Robinson’s ultra-rare Lambretta

Supreme Motors
And the twin headlamp Vespa SS180

The TWN Contessa
Considered by some at the time to be the Rolls-Royce of scooters.

King of his castle
Rob Castle’s Lambretta Series 1 and sidecar

Back in the day
Religious duties via scooter

1960s riding style
Rob Carter’s Heinkel Tourist

Trials and tribulations
The 1968 Tour of Britain

A fire-breathing Winter Model
A beautiful and eye-catching dealer special

The Honda M85 Juno
After their previous attempt you’d have thought Honda would have learnt a lesson

Ian Smith’s Spanish MotoVespa
Not bad for a first attempt at building a scooter

The Hornet
Simon Neale’s Lambretta RV175 Series 2

A minor scooter legend
Speedway of Acton – the business that claimed to be the UK’s largest stockist of scooter spares

Vespa stoplight switch failure
A common MoT fail of the most basic kind

Scooter clubs
Meet and greet local clubs

Scooterist classifieds
For all your wants and needs

Blast from the past
A look back at the 1965 Vespa economy trial