Time’s running out to enter Southport Custom Show

The BSRA national rally season culminates this year at The Floral Halls, Southport over the weekend of October 25-27, 2019. And one of the highlights of the event will be the Saturday daytime custom show organised by the LCGB  – and now’s your chance to enter.

A downloable entry form is available via the LCGB’s website www.ilambretta.com and further information about the event itself can be found on the Southport National Scooter Rally 2019 (0fficial VFM/LCGB/BSRA) Facebook page. There will be a free programme including details of all the scooters entered, so please provide some interesting information about your pride and joy when completing the entry form.


No ‘on the day’ entries are accepted and all completed forms must be returned no later than Saturday October 12, 2019. Scooter owners that make a last minute decision to enter cause immense difficulties at such a large Custom Show – not only for the show stewards attempting to find a space for them, but also for the judging which has to be organised in advance. 

‘Club Display’ entries are restricted to a maximum of five scooters per display (a recent trend has been to ‘bump’ up the number of scooters in a ‘Club Display’ by including scooters not falling with the usual ‘Custom Scooter’ criteria.

Simon Collins
LCGB Committee